Priest takes photos during ceremony

1) Take the recommendations of your photographer Often couples will depend on there photographer & go with us in planning there day, this is awesome however there is always one bride who will think there taste in location or such is more important than light or something else a photographer will recommend. 2) Make sure Read more ..

Mya and Asthar wedding was a classic black, white and lace theme. As they joined families they merged 4 different cultures and enjoyed great company on a sunny August day. *Wedding Dress: Pronovias from Raffaele Ciuca *Wedding Shoes: Zu *Hair/makeup: Proglam Makeup and Hair Salon *Floral Decor: Helen Dillon- Bridie Bride Wedding Florists *Cars: Cassars Read more ..

There isn’t an easy way to express just how overwhelmed I was while viewing the images for the first time…. It was pure excitement and emotional as my whole family were beside Aaron and I. There was giggles, crying and laughter, what more could I have asked for. Your both truly a blessing in disguise. Read more ..

Janeen’ s testimonial: Dear Shane & Sali, I want to thank the both of you for all your support and your amazing attitude towards us in the last few months and the last few days. I know everyone that runs a business is expected to provide excellent customer service, but there are very few people Read more ..

Mya’ s testimonial: Shane was brilliant on the day, whether it was climbing onto a 2 meter high fire hose box, lying on the ground or running through peak hour traffic, he would do anything to get the prefect shot! The photos we have seen so far are nothing short of amazing. Sali’s advice and Read more ..

The 4day Indian Wedding of Janeen and Ivneet. Organizing one day is hectic, imagine organizing 4days. Janeen did an amazing job organizing those 4days plus She is off to Atlanta in United State for her wedding reception Beautiful Words from the Bride: ” Dear Shane & Sali, I want to thank the both of you Read more ..

What’s a Pre wedding shoot you say? We get asked that question asked a lot. Pre wedding shoots are a great opportunity to spend time with your photographer before your wedding day; to have that one on one time and see how your photographer work. It will put your mind at ease and you will Read more ..

Lots of brides wonders how to pick the perfect dress… I watch a lot of “Say yes to the dress” and here are Randy Fenoli advice that I always tell our brides as well. Their are some mistakes that some brides makes from excitements. Here are the top 10 mistakes brides makes when going out Read more ..